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Nardwuar the Human Serviette, the awesome musician and interviewer, is now following my label Mesmerize Records on Twitter! How awesome is that?!

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Also, film and music recommendations, incoherence, “jokes” and other shenanigans*.

* - lies


chilitoculiao said: holaaa, se que no me conoces. Soy maria jose, y estoy haciendo esta encuesta para mi tesis. Sería de mucha ayuda qu pudieras contestarla n.n. Aqui está el link: (los ptos estan entre parentesis para que la page no me lea el msje como spam) www(.)survio(.)com/survey/d/Y2W9N5A3K9P4C3H2J

Hola! Seguro, ahí respondí. Dejo el link acá por si algún seguidor mio se interesa en llenar el survey ahí. Cheers!

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Joel Hodgson, the creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000, shared my Lucca’s Eureka EP on Twitter. And also, I sold four copies of the EP already. This is the best day ever!

Joel Hodgson, the creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000, shared my Lucca’s Eureka EP on Twitter. And also, I sold four copies of the EP already. This is the best day ever!

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Mars is Lucca: New Eureka EP featuring covers of Joel and the Joels (“MST3K Love Theme”), Watch Out for Rockets (“Telepathic War Machine”), Melt-Banana (“Zero”) and Jim O’Rourke (“Eureka”).Download the EP:

Mars is Lucca: New Eureka EP featuring covers of Joel and the Joels (“MST3K Love Theme”), Watch Out for Rockets (“Telepathic War Machine”), Melt-Banana (“Zero”) and Jim O’Rourke (“Eureka”).

Download the EP:

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Hello everybody.

I was shot last friday in an armed robbery, five streets away from my house, on my left and right leg. I almost bled to death. I was taken to the hospital by a kind stranger from the military. I spent 24 hrs in the hospital. I still have the bullet lodged on my right leg, and it hurts, a lot. I was sent home this saturday morning, but, since the thugs who shot me are still roaming on my neighborhood, I had to leave my house to live with my sister and her boyfriend. Since then, I’ve been in a bed, slowly healing my bullet wounds. I won’t be able to walk for a couple of weeks, maybe a month. So there’s that! I’ll keep on working on my music and projects as much as I can. For those who already knew thanks for the kind words! And for the rest of you all, well, now you know.


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Now you can follow my label on Twitter, if you care about that. I post a lot of new under/indie music for you to discover. So there!

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Well, hello. Electric Yakuza and I remixed Does It Offend You, Yeah?’s song “We Are Rockstars”. Because I can. Remixes are cool.


I just want to inform everyone that I don’t know where I’m going with this, as I’m writing this directly into Tumblr. But I will finish this, I promise.

3. First stop, the police headquarters. He went right into the reception desk. He stood in front of the lady clerk, while she purposedly ignored him. “Hello, I’m Normal Anderson, private eye. I’m here to see Chief Emmert Murray.” The lady clerk stared back at Anderson from head to toe: here was a badly dressed man, with sunken eyes and terrible hair, with his old fashioned hat in hand, smiling like an idiot. “Riiiiight. Do you have an appointment with Mr. Murray?” “Yeah, well, um, I’m an old buddy of his. Come on, ask him. Tell him it’s Normal.” The lady kind of looked at him for a couple of minutes, disapproving face, not a movement, but then she went back to what she was doing before, i.e. ignore him purposedly.

"This ain’t gonna work, let’s go home," whispered Betty to an already frustrated Anderson. "What," replied Anderson, "were you too busy doing nothing at all in our office? Because I could totally drop you back there, really.” The lady clerk stared back at Normal, very confused, almost scared. You see, from her point of view Normal was talking to himself, since Betty was a ghost and all that. Of course, Betty, as a supernatural being, had that magic ability to only show herself to whoever she wanted, or something like that, and she had learned to hide from most people after many a heart attacks happening to unexpecting poor souls. Normal, imagining what could have been happening in the clerk’s mind, diffused the situation by explaining, “oh no, I’m just talking with Betty here, my ghost friend and secretary…”


Normal Anderson sat in the sidewalk in front of the police station, his suit slightly torn from the fight with the police guards. “You should be glad they just thought you were messing around with that clerk,” said Betty, “because they could have totally thought that you are a complete lunatic, which, if you ask me, you are.” Normal Anderson put his hat back on and started walking. “Where are we going? Do you have another plan, detective?” Anderson turned into the corner, and stared up at the building to what he knew was Chief Murray’s office window. “Maybe,” said Normal.

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or something like that said the twenties style newspaper headline thing in the left hand of private inspector Normal Anderson, a cup of tea in the other. “Betty, did you see the headline today?” *screech*

Okay, let me stop here and declare that this may sound like a bunch of lies, but believe me this is completely factual: Betty was the name of a ghost— let me finish— a ghost secretary that lived inside the storage closet room in which Anderson ran his private eye joint, confined by the magic of a cursed raggedy doll from the 19th century. Moving on…

- “No, of course I did not see it, asshole,” she said, since she was the particular kind of ghost that mostly sees into her own ghoulish dimension, but that can still listen into (and kind of squint at) our world well enough.
- “Right, sorry. Well, it seems like they haven’t found the money from last week’s robbery yet,” continued Normal, “and there’s also a reward, a real nice one. I say, since we’ve been out of work for a while…”
- “Okay, let me stop you right there, Normal. We’ve been through this before: you’re not good at this detective thing. Let’s say we just don’t do anything again, ever, please?
- “Oh, come on, it will be fun! And if we get the money—”
- “If…”
- “If we get the money, I could get us a nice place, with more space, maybe some furniture, and stuff, for you to float around or whatever the hell you do when I’m not here. Wouldn’t that be nice, Betty?”

The doll twitched a bit, and then Betty’s right eye followed. Normal grinned at Betty while she deliberated. Betty exhaled, said “okay.” “Yes!” exclamed Normal, drinking the last sip of tea, and putting on his detective-related coat and hat. He put the doll inside one of coat’s inner pockets, and stepped outside the storage room into the morning sun.

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