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In Tumblr, every piece of culture comes out of nothingness to be reblogged until original credit is erased from history and the books.

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Announcing two new albums from me! (Well, one’s been out for a few weeks…)


Beyond The Realm Of The Gods, a free 60 track compilation, and The Quotable Chriddof, a free 20 track compilation. These are the follow ups to my first album, The Cartoon Cat Did Not Know How To Help Him from 2011.


Beyond The Realm Of The Gods @ Savant Records Bandcamp
The Quotable Chriddof @ Mesmerize Records Bandcamp

And in case you haven’t got my first one -
The Cartoon Cat Did Not Know How To Help Him @ Savant Records Bandcamp

Many thanks to Mars Cat for making this happen.

I’m Mars Cat and I approve this message.


New mixtape: beats, scratches and raps, all hip-hop. From some obscure stuff to my favorite known classics. Check it out!

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sleepimohinder said: That We Are Rockstars remix was genius! Love it! Can't stop listening to it!

Hey, thanks *u*!

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A showcase/greatest hits sort of thing from all my musical projects!

My Bandcamp discography:

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This is a mixtape I just made. I’m planning on making one each week. One hour, 16 tracks of music from the planet Earth. Go check it out!

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If you say something like “#MRAs are a hate group / losers / stupid”, do you honestly believe you’re above or better than those who say “#feminists are stupid / annoying / ugly”, or viceversa?

For people on both sides that declare these points: You’re disregarding a whole movement based only on your opinion of the *character* of those who defend these ideas, instead of focusing on the ideas themselves. Yet, if you have taken a side to such a extreme, like many of the greater assholes on “both sides”, you’ve also continuously ignored many of the criticisms that come from what you consider to be “enemies” of the movement. You are on the right side, you don’t have to hear the opposition, we’re the good guys. Good on you, you blind fool.

I mean, come the fuck on, that’s intellectual dishonesty, and you know it. You read an article on a liberally-biased website on how Men Rights Activists are loser pick-up artist basement-dweller types that hate women, or you read an article on a conservative website about how Feminists are angry loser women who hate sex and freedom and want to control all media, and you HONESTLY believe that, and can’t see how myopic and ignorant a view like that could be?

And of course, you won’t listen to the other side, because your views aren’t about believing the right thing, but to make you feel better about the fears that already define you. You fear men? Fucking MRAs. You fear women? Fucking feminists. You picked the side that gave you the moral superiority to justify whatever flaws you already had to begin with, and how to defend yourself from the fucking void of having to reconsider everything forever, especially your own character, blind spots and biases.

Let’s be real: parenting laws ARE biased against fathers; there IS misogyny in many industries; men lead violent lives; women fear sexual abuse; abortion, sexual expression, discrimination, LGBT issues, equal pay, and so on, and so on, and so on. Those are all relevant, important issues, and sorry, you can’t base your whole opinion on complex matters like these based on whatever your party line says. Would it take you too much effort to ACTUALLY consider these problems in modern society, and see all sides, and THEN form a damn opinion, you know, like an actual fucking rational person?

But no. You have your forums, your circlejerks, your subs, your echo chambers. The viral media sites that give you the exact perfect headline to boil your blood— because, let’s be real, you LOVE that feeling. You LOVE being offended, even if it’s about shit that doesn’t even touch you in real life. You want to feel that moral high of being on the right side of the issue. And you can’t see the bias— who would want to ruin a perfect batch of offendedness with stuff like FACTS or OTHER POINTS OF VIEW?

Because, the truth is, both MRAs and Feminists have a point, and we need both in the public discourse to reconsider the fairness of current society and how things should be. That’s how debates work— anything else is just political masturbation. And the fact that you see the other side as an enemy, as the opposition, speaks more of your fear of being wrong than anything else. Do the right thing, make your own fucking mind.

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The latest two releases by my label Mesmerize Records are Chriddof The Quotable Chriddof and Woo Bats Feeding On Vitamin Rich Blood.

Chriddof - The Quotable Chriddof: This is the third Chriddof release by Mesmerize, after The Cartoon Cat… and Beyond the Realm of the Gods. The album features 20 tracks, selected by me, from Chriddof’s earlier works. I’m really happy with this release: Some of my favorite tracks he’s ever made were from those years, and they were almost impossible to find on the internet. Now, we will all be able to share ‘em around. Woo!

Woo Bats - Feeding On Vitamin Rich Blood: This is the debut album by Woo Bats. This is an obscure one— I found these guys on SoundCloud, somehow, somewhere. It took me a while to reach them, but now I’m proud to announce we’re releasing their debut album on the label. They play a crazy messy glitchy awesome kind of digital noise rock, which is something I really like in my music. I really recommend this music, so go check them out if you’re into digital punk!

Remember to like Mesmerize on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Or not. Rather, check the music! Thanks!

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Here’s the first poster for my upcoming video game Mars Cat’s “Coven” (or COVEN.NES). Here’s the page for it. Follow me on Twitter for more updates. I’m already on the version 0.2alpha, and it’s going great!

Here’s the first poster for my upcoming video game Mars Cat’s “Coven” (or COVEN.NES). Here’s the page for it. Follow me on Twitter for more updates. I’m already on the version 0.2alpha, and it’s going great!

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I’m making a fake-NES videogame called “Coven”, and this is some gameplay footage from the 0.01alpha version. There’s a million things to improve, but at least it looks like a game already.

More updates on my twitter:

The song in the video is my cover of Melt-Banana’s “Zero” from Eureka EP by my chiptunes project Lucca.

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